Best Kindle E-Readers in India to buy online in 2021 – Buying Guide

When Amazon’s revolutionary Kindle device was launched, it changed a millennium-old industry and turned it on its head. Kindle has now become synonymous with the electronic form of reading with the ability to store thousands of books on one device to the convenience of carrying them around anywhere in the world.

Why Buy a Kindle?

  • Kindle is an electronic book reader which you can use to read, purchase and download thousands of E-books
  • Store and carry thousands of E-books on a single device
  • Convenient to read while travelling.
  • Backlight Enabled so that you can read in the dark without disturbing others
  • Kindles are Glare free so thus not strain your eyes whereas tablets and other devices can strain your eyes

Summary of all kindles

Featuresall new kindleall new kindle paperwhite (10th gen)Kindle Oasis
TitleAll New KindleAll New Kindle Paper WhiteKindle Oasis
Built-in Front LightYes - 4 LEDsYes - 5 LEDsYes - 12 LEDs
Flush-front designNoYesYes
Page turn buttonsNoNoYes
Resolution167 ppi300 ppi300 ppi
Screen size6" glare-free6" glare-free7" glare-free
Storage4 GB8 GB or 32 GB8 GB or 32 GB
Waterproof IPX8NoYesYes
Auto adjusting light sensors NoNoYes
ConnectivityWi-FiWi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free 4GWi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free 3G

Why the Amazon Kindle PaperWhite is the best kindle for Readers?

The new 10th Gen Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best fit for most people in India to serve as their kindle e-reader. Priced at Rs. 12,999* and available on sale usually every three or so months, the 10th Gen Kindle Paperwhite has the same resolution as the more expensive Kindle Voyage and Kindle Oasis which basically means that the reading quality is almost the same as the higher-priced models.

This is the best value for money Kindle e-reader. And the reason is simple. It has a reasonable price of Rs 12,999*. It has the build quality and design that is noticeably better than what you get with the entry-level Kindle. It has the display lit by LEDs positioned on the sides, which actually doesn’t matter as much as you may think, but is a nice convenience.

Primarily though, we like the Kindle Paperwhite over the entry-level Kindle e-reader because of its build quality, design and finishing. Also, get the Wi-Fi version.

The reading experience is smooth and we find ourselves getting through a book a lot quicker when compared to reading a physical book. To turn the page, the user can swipe or tap the screen. A neat feature of all the Kindles is the word dictionary feature which shows the meaning of a word if you long-press it. It’s great to build your vocabulary at lightning speed.

The updated model also adds water-resistance, the much-awaited feature and offers 8 GB/ 32 gb of storage capable of holding thousands of books so that you won’t really need to ever buy a physical book.

all new kindle paperwhite (10th gen)

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