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Buying Guide For Lamination Machines under Rs 3200 in 2020

Top Lamination Machines to buy under Rs 3200  in 2019

Lamination machines comes in different shapes, sizes and for various purposes like personal or industrial use. Selecting the right one for you becomes a challenge. We have designed the module in such a way that if you have answer to every question the challenge of which model to buy would be accomplished within minutes.

What would you be laminating?

Material e.g. Photographs, Personal Documents, Certificates, Adhar Card, Pan Card or any other A6 size Document.

If you are considering laminating for personal use I highly recommend you to go for a personal laminator which is sleek, Compaq with 2 rollers and Jam Release function which is sufficient to laminate certificates, photographs upto the thickness of 250 microns like the Texet A3 laminator or Vms Professional LM-Classic Lamination machine. If you are considering laminating thick photographs

Size of the Document?

A3, A4, A5, A6 or all the sizes mentioned. Lamination machine with A3 size is highly recommended as it will laminate all the sizes for you as A3 size being the largest and A6 being the smallest.

How many laminations you would do in a day?

As a general rule, pouch laminators are ideal for small to medium volume laminating and roll laminators are good for medium to high-volume laminating. I consider laminating a few dozen to a few hundred items a day to be small to medium and a few hundred to a few thousand items a day to be medium to high volume. If you intend to go for few hundred items in a day I would recommend you to go for A A3 heavy duty machine with four rollers like the BME Pro lam A3

The thickness of the sheet you plan to use?

If you are using anything which would be more that 250 microns thick BME Pro Lam A3 is highly recommended as the other machines mentioned will support up to 250 micron thickness.

Who would be using the laminator?

If your child going to use the machine it has to be under adult supervision and a heavy duty machine is not recommended. Something like Grow Lam Lamination machine would give you a paper cutter as an add On Feature. Most of the pouch machines are child safe but adult using the machine is the best!

What brand is the best buy for me?

There is ample amount of variety in the market, in the personal lamination segment I would recommend Below Amazon’s Best sellers.

Texet A4 Lamination Machine

Texet Personal Lamination MAchine

Growlam Lamination Machine 

VMS Professional LM-classic Lamination

VMS Professional LM-classic Lamination 


SToK ST-L11A A4 Lamination

SToK ST-L11A A4 Lamination

Vms Professional LM Classic Laminator

BME ProLam A3In Heavy Duty Roller Segment I would recommend this Amazon Best Seller

BME Pro Lam Mini Laminator

BME ProLam A3

There Are Different Sizes of Laminating sheets and Pouches available Like A3, A4, A5, and A6. Please choose the options as per your requirement